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Harrington Starr

The Vnetrix team has been consistently reliable and dependable, with a very high quality of service.

Harrington Starr

The Vnetrix team has been consistently reliable and dependable, with a very high quality of service.

Toby Babb
Managing Director, Harrington Starr
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Toby Babb is the Managing Director of Harrington Starr. Toby is a regular commentator for BBC Radio and TV on small businesses, recruitment and the economy and has debated live on 3 Budgets, the Queens Speech, 2 Autumn Statements and the Syrian Crisis.

Harrington Starr 

Harrington Starr is a recruitment business, specialising in servicing the financial services and commodities industry and focused on technology-centric talent and roles. Harrington Starr provides candidates for both permanent and contract/interim positions to approximately 500 global leading companies within this industry vertical.

The technology positions themselves that we fill cover a broad range within three main control areas:

1. Vendors to build software
2. Consultancies to implement
3. End users – asset managers, exchanges, banks, hedge funds, brokerage firms

The candidates we place range from people who perform software support positions to development/engineering to the CTO level who make business and technology decisions.

In our own space, we are one of the companies who really embrace technology more than some others. None of us on the Harrington Starr team is particularly technical ourselves, but we clearly see the role technology plays in helping us enhance our speed, precision and control.

We brought in a best-in-class CRM system, and we have supplemented that with the best data analysis suite within the sector. We have built out this overall solution significantly over time, and we need to continue having the backup to make sure our technology gives us the ability to work more efficiently and more effectively than others in our market.

We are constantly looking at how technology can help us, allowing us from both a sales and operations perspective to work quicker with more uptime. We like to think that technology and systems we use puts us at an “unfair advantage” against the competition!

At the very beginning, we were looking for the type of services that Vnetrix provides, and there was a personal introduction and a professional reference point to Rob Norman and the Vnetrix team. Because we were given such a great reference the decision was a no-brainer for us to go with Vnetrix as our Cloud Services Provider.

Right from the start, Vnetrix made everything easy for us. At the time, we were a very small team, not at all technical, and in Vnetrix we found a partner who could take everything IT-related off our shoulders and let us pass internal IT tasks and activities over to them. This lifted the burden of having to manage our own IT, which let us focus on our core competencies and core business.

Since engaging with Vnetrix to manage our IT, we have had three major office moves, with a fourth one coming up in a few weeks. We’ve got lots of different systems that are complex, cloud-oriented and knit together in various different forms. We don’t have the easiest set of products to look after, but everything has run very well and has been smooth through every move.

We know that Vnetrix is going to manage all our technical requirements for us while we maintain focus on our own business and do what we do well, while they deliver on their expertise and do what they do really well.

We are planning on growing Harrington Starr extensively; with projections to increase our own staff to well over 100 people – and do so within the first 10 years of being in business. At the same time, we are also planning to expand internationally into regions such as America as well as pursue some opportunities in India.

We have to continue to ensure that we are using the best technology solutions to keep giving us the advantage in the market. As we become a bigger and bigger business, we will also continue to explore what solutions are available to support our growth.

The Vnetrix team has been consistently reliable and dependable, with a very high quality of service. As we get bigger, it will be about scaling up the same level of service and care that we have consistently received without fail, and remaining responsive to our needs and requirements.

We have always thoroughly enjoyed working with Vnetrix. Technology is an important part of the business, and at Harrington Starr we believe in using technology for competitive advantage. So for us to hand over IT responsibilities to an external partner, what we’re really doing is handing over our trust that our systems will work without fail and support our business the way they need to.

There’s never been any stage where we’ve been flummoxed. This partnership and the processes in place between Harrington Starr and Vnetrix have worked well for us. This is due to Vnetrix’s strong, reliable service levels and really good insight on problems, all supported by good people on their team who are a pleasure to work with on a partnership as well as a personal level.