Get high level privacy and security from the comfort of

your own data centre in the cloud

Reap maximum benefits at an easy cost point – we’ll bring the cloud to you.


What is it?


We draw compute power from physical servers that we manage and we then create a virtual environment which becomes your IT infrastructure, or your “cloud.”  You can use your cloud the way you would any infrastructure – but without the added cost and burden of managing a physical environment.


Who is it for?


Perfect for SMB companies looking to get the most out of their IT spend by going to the cloud without sacrificing quality.  Also ideal for any sized business that has changing demands for IT infrastructure – you can scale up or down as needed.


Get high level privacy and security from the comfort of your own data centre in the cloud.


Choose a dedicated cloud to house only you and your data, with complete privacy and security.  The Vnetrix Private Cloud is still fully scalable and flexible, with the same characteristics as other cloud infrastructure but with enhanced control. 


What is it?


A private cloud built on physical servers that have been assigned to just one customer.  The architecture has an additional layer of privacy and security due to the fact that both the physical and virtual infrastructure is isolated to one customer account.


Who is it for?


Great for organisations of any size that want more assurance regarding the privacy and security of their data and applications running in the cloud, without sacrificing the efficiency and high performance provided by the cloud infrastructure.


Enjoy having your data and applications run seamlessly in the environment of your choice.


Get the best of both worlds with your own custom mix of dedicated virtual and physical servers.  We will manage, secure and monitor it all as a single environment to take away the administrative hassle from you.


What is it?


We further enhance your private cloud by adding dedicated physical servers that can house specific data and applications of your choice.  You still reap the benefits of the cloud and enjoy its flexible, scalable and cost-efficient model.  Now you have the added layer of additional infrastructure provided by physical servers for unbeatable speed and reliability.


Who is it for?


Perfect for larger organisations looking for full control of their overall infrastructure, by using both the cloud and dedicated physical servers for optimised performance and security.  Particularly appropriate for any company or agency that deals with stringent regulatory or legal obligations regarding where and how data and applications are managed.