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Vnetrix helps SMEs protect online presence from security attacks with Imperva Cloud WAF

Company Overview


Vnetrix has been an IT Managed Services Provider since 2002. As a trusted partner, Vnetrix specialises in offering IT managed services and hosting infrastructure solutions, allowing businesses to direct their attention towards what truly matters – their core operations. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Vnetrix is proud to feature a dedicated and expert team that seamlessly integrates with client organisations.


Helping clients protect web data from security threats

Security is top of the agenda for most enterprise organisations, but it’s not just large companies that are vulnerable to security threats. “SMEs are increasingly targeted by attacks, and they don’t always have the scale and resources to make investments to protect themselves” comments Rob Norman, Founder and CEO at Vnetrix. Data exposure or loss – particularly of customer data – can have a significant impact on a company’s reputation, customer trust, and revenues. With ever tighter regulations and legislation to comply with, organisations can also find themselves subject to financial penalties. In its role as a trusted advisor to its clients, Vnetrix is always looking for scalable, efficient, and intuitive solutions to help protect them from the risk of security attacks that could expose their data.


A flexible, scalable and reliable WAF solution


Having worked with Imperva, a leader in protecting applications and APIs at scale, since 2015, Vnetrix recognised the opportunity to make the enterprise-grade Imperva Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall) accessible and cost-effective for its SME clients. “We’ve carefully selected a group of world-class suppliers for the solutions that we deliver for our clients,” comments Norman, “and as a global leader, Imperva is our choice for Cloud WAF deployment, as well as a broader range of functionalities, such as its Content Delivery Network (CDN) and DDoS Protection.” Vnetrix now offers Imperva Cloud WAF for both existing hosting clients and as a standalone solution for new customers. “To provide SMEs with the flexibility they need, we can either act as a reseller or manage the solution on our clients behalf, billing on a subscription basis.” explains Norman.

Blocking 1,000s of attack attempts within a week


Imperva Cloud WAF has swiftly solidified its role as a pivotal element in protecting the infrastructure of numerous Vnetrix clients. An illustrative example can be found in Vnetrix’s hosting services for a prominent customer with a high-profile website. In the challenging environment of a busy, multi-server infrastructure, this website experiences millions of visitors during peak periods. Recognising the importance of safeguarding such a valuable digital asset, Vnetrix recommended the deployment of Imperva Cloud WAF. Within the first week of implementation, Imperva Cloud WAF successfully blocked 1,000s of potential security breaches, underscoring its crucial role in safeguarding the client’s digital defences. This demonstrates the tangible value that Imperva Cloud WAF brings to its users. Clients can benefit from a live view of their digital security through the user-friendly Imperva Cloud WAF portal. This transparency keeps them informed of evolving threats and allows them to easily view security statistics in real time.

A partnership that enables a first-class service


Imperva Cloud WAF operates as a self-managing solution, tirelessly blocking attacks round the clock for Vnetrix’s clients, all with minimal intervention. Norman elaborates, “We’ve established well-documented, repeatable processes for deploying the solution, enabling us to efficiently onboard new clients in a matter of hours.” However, for Vnetrix, the commitment goes beyond merely offering a scalable and dependable security product. The collaboration between Vnetrix and Imperva is founded on a strong partnership approach, designed to provide clients with a top-tier service. “We’ve received exceptional support from Imperva’’ confirms Norman. “The Imperva support team has always been able to resolve any issues promptly, and we work closely with the pre-sales team to identify the right products for clients that require more extensive protection.”


Improving security for SMEs while growing the business


By deploying the Imperva Cloud WAF with Vnetrix, SMEs can protect their websites from a growing volume of security threats, simplify compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, and demonstrate their commitment to security to customers, shareholders, and employees. Norman emphasises, “In today’s data-driven landscape, Imperva Cloud WAF stands as an indispensable tool. That’s why we’ve made the decision to integrate it as a standard component in our hosting solutions. When we offer recommendations to our clients, our reputation is at stake, but our trust in Imperva WAF and its robust security capabilities is unwavering.” While the Imperva Cloud WAF is helping improve security for Vnetrix’s clients, it’s also helping the MSP grow its business. “With our Imperva partnership, we’re able to provide stronger security services for our existing clients, and have conversations with potential clients about what we can offer them” comments Norman. “This helps us boost sales and enhances our competitive advantage.

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